They’re Not Just Shoes

We provide expressions of comfort, versatility, and style through footwear and
accessories that inspire and empower every woman.

Step Up to
Any Challenge

With April Parker, you never have to choose between comfort and style. Our trend-setting, polished flats are designed for life on the move. Step happy all day long,no matter how long your to-do list is!

Interchangeable emblems let you change your
shoes’ appearance to fit any outfit and every
occasion. It’s dozens of shoes in one (and no one
has to know but you!).

Comfort You Can Count On

April Parkers fit like a dream with superior comfort that lasts from the time you step out the door until you kick your feet up at the end of the day!

April Parker shoes feel custom-made because they mold to your feet and help you move naturally. Whether you’ve got narrow feet, wide feet, flat feet, or high arches—they’re made for you.

Each pair of shoes comes with a matching leather
clutch. It’s perfect for travel, storing at home, or for
everyday use as your coordinating clutch.

Ships Free with a 365-Day Guarantee

We believe in crafting the highest quality shoes that fit your feet just as perfectly as your lifestyle. Find your favorite color, choose your emblems, and we’ll ship to you for free! We also offer free returns anywhere in the US, so you can find the perfect pair and shop with confidence.

Free Shipping & Returns

To make sure your shoe fits your feet as well as your lifestyle, we offer free shipping and free returns anywhere in the U.S.

Guaranteed to Please

If you’re not 100% satisfied within 365 days of delivery, simply exchange or return unused items to receive your money back.

Replacement Emblems

Although we exclusively use the most powerful magnets in our emblems, it’s possible for them to get lost. If this happens, reach out to us for a replacement.