Our Mission

Discover your full potential with the perfect pair of shoes! We aim to empower all women to go farther, work harder, and live more without the distraction of uncomfortable shoes. Comfort, versatility, and style are at the core of every April Parker design.           

Behind the Brand

Hello! I’m April Parker – a busy professional, wife, on-the-go mother..  

Several years ago, I was walking up to a client meeting when the sole of my shoe came unglued. The audible ‘smacking’ sound of loose rubber echoed through the marble entryway and I immediately felt every eye on me. I insecurely shuffled into the meeting room, worried more about my shoe than my presentation. The distraction and discomfort were unbearable. I knew that something had to change, and inferior footwear was the first thing to go!

I searched endlessly over the next few years for stylish flats that were both comfortable and versatile, but the options were lacking. If they fit well, they didn’t look good; if they were on-trend, they were out of my budget or too dressy for everyday wear. I couldn’t find what I needed, so I set out to create it.

The Perfect Flat checks every box! These adaptable, comfortable flats are designed for myself, my friends, and everyday women. We deserve a pair of shoes that deliver real, all-day comfort and look polished for work, play, and beyond. With expert craftsmanship, premium raw materials, and innovative cushioning, we’ve created something special.

I sincerely hope that our flats make you feel beautiful and powerful every day!